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papaorder-commentWho we are and what do we do?

  1. Since establishment on 2015, has been a pioneer in the field of online food service and needless to say, one of Middle East’s first service providers in this space.
  2. With more than 1400 restaurants, 10 million orders till date, 500,000 registered users and more than 70,000 unique daily visitors for our website, we are simply committed to providing the best service to our customers and restaurants clients. Currently, we are operational in the State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and State of Qatar.

papaorder-whyicon What will we do for them?

  1. Progressive increase in their sales allowing them to be on top of their competitors who provide the traditional sales point of dinning and by taking orders over the phone.
  2. Exposure to a rich and unique segment of customers that only can provide them with.
  3. Contribute to the efficiency of their operation through our automated applications for dispatching orders.
  4. Reduce the load on their call center and on their staff, allowing them to focus more on what they do the best…Cooking.
  5. Upload their restaurant full menu along with pictures and promotions on our website.
  6. Provide them with a flexible payment options to choose from (Cash on delivery, ATM cards, Credit Cards).
To enroll the restaurant with us, fill up this form now and our sales team will contact them very soon!
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